Hitchhiking to Mongolia

When, if not now?!

I wish I would have had the courage to do the things I was really dreaming of.

Never I want to be forced to say that looking back in my life.

I’m not saying we can realise all our dreams and goals, that would be foolish. But mainly it is not about the fact that we could not achieve them, but about the fact that we never try. It’s a lack of courage. The courage to fail. The courage to step into the unknown.

It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.

–  Lucius Annaeus Seneca –


I am feeling and thinking about this adventure for a long time. So now throw off the bowlines – let’s go!


What sort of adventure?

The journey will take me from Germany through forest and mountains of Eastern Europe followed by the deserts of the Middle East, along the silk road in Central Asia to the Taiga of Sibiria and the wide lands of Mongolia.

I am traveling for the sake of traveling and not to arrive at a certain place. Therefore I will travel by hitchhiking and will not get on an airplane during this journey.

Seeing how everything changes very slowly: the vegetation, the cities and villages and the mentality and culture of people. Sleeping in a tent or under the stars, exploring the world, meeting new people and being on the spur of the moment!

What’s that blog about?

In the first place it tells the different stories of the journey.

Furthermore I also will try to give some new impulses and add some practical tips on the subject of traveling and hitchhiking.




P.S.: For questions and suggestions feel free to contact me.