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  • Hospitality and joy of living

    At this moment I was already fond of the Romanians and their welcoming openness. Of course, this was also influencing my future time in Romania. I believe that if you are travelling you have to bring a certain love for the country with you and the willingness to find the special side of the people. […]

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  • Sharing moments

    There is something special about encountering people. Getting to know them, sharing thoughts, feelings, opinions and ideas. Even some fast passing encounters can be full of power and magic. These three stories are dedicated to those that made our trip a great journey. Spontaneous night at the NAVY commander Dating a fantastic girl under the […]

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  • Forget your past

    An abandonned gigantic monstrosity in the mountains of Central Balkans: The Buzludzha Monument. When we first heard about that, we knew: We have to go there! It was built on the peak of Mount Buzludzha exactly at the place where in August 1877 a group of 5,000 Bulgarian and 2,500 Russian rebels repulsed an attack […]

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  • The downside of hitchhiking

    Vienna hitch

    After the first night in my tent, I started the day slowly. Breakfast, then a little workout – and it felt so good to do all that in this nature. I was in very positive mood, so afterwards I followed the little path back to the station. I was feeling ready to start an adventure. It took only five […]