• new adventures
  • A black night (China Pt. 2/6)

    Here my biggest challenge was supposed to begin. I was standing at the side of the road in the Chinese border town. After a long day I was totally done. Yet I didn’t feel like I already reached my destination. I could have stopped and find a place to sleep. It would have been more […]

  • new adventures
  • The magic of Iran

    Persian poets, magical nights under clear desert sky and people who are truely touching your heart. If you really want to experience a country with all its different sides and colours, Iran is the country to surpise you and take you on an incredible journey… ¬†   Ancient¬† caravanserei Historical house in Kashan Among friends […]

  • On the move
  • Hospitality and joy of living

    At this moment I was already fond of the Romanians and their welcoming openness. Of course, this was also influencing my future time in Romania. I believe that if you are travelling you have to bring a certain love for the country with you and the willingness to find the special side of the people. […]